Addressing the Pressures on Our Professional Talent Today

Feb 11, 2016 |
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Part of running a successful company is addressing the real-life pressures on our professionals today.  Hiring top talent is not enough. You need to nurture professionals to ensure maximum productivity and ongoing loyalty. Recognizing the needs of your valued professionals makes it easier to keep them engaged and working as a team. 

Long Hours

Inevitable parts of professional life are long hours. While most professionals expect to work overtime, it gets grueling when it happens all the time. You as the leader must recognize the need to have time off. Encourage professionals to cover each other on a rotating basis so one person is not overloaded with all the work & hours. (If possible)

Maintain workload balance so everyone does their fair share. Consider temporary outsourcing if your entire crew of professionals seems to be burned out.


Professionals experience stress at work because of the demanding nature of their jobs. Many progressive companies offer a human resources professional who listens to these stresses and offers suggestions. The simple acknowledgment of stress in the workplace makes people feel better. Trying to ignore it ultimately makes professionals ignore some of their responsibilities. Have corporate events to unwind, such as a picnic, lunch walking programs, or visits from therapists from a local spa to give massages. Little things go a long way when it comes to relieving stress.

Family Issues

Almost every professional has a family or obligations at home. While these issues should not be brought into the workplace, allowing time off makes it possible for professionals to handle essential business at home. A distracted employee is not working at full capacity. Giving professionals a reasonable level of flexibility ultimately benefits your company. When they are able to resolve home problems, they return to being more productive at work.

Encourage Work-Life Balance

Business goes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People do not function this way. Professionals need sleep, recreation, and balance to do their best work. Offering adequate vacation time and days off ultimately benefits your company because professionals are happier and healthier. Without a break, inevitable health problems may arise which take professionals away from their responsibilities.

You don’t have to get personal with professionals to recognize their human limitations. Handling professionals as valued people will benefit everyone in the long run.

How are you addressing the pressure on your professional talent? Click here to answer.

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