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Sep 14, 2016 |
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Only Interview the Candidates with the Right Skills

Bringing the wrong people in for interviews is more than just a waste of time. When you meet with a candidate whose skills are not right for the job, you run the risk of making an emotional decision based on this being a  wonderful individual.

Once you build a personal connection with an individual, it will be harder to have an objective attitude.

Interviewing people that are not qualified for your job can bring more damage than you realize.

Weed Out The Wrong Resumes

Some people will send in a resume because they feel they can do the job. Others will blast their resumes to any available position. With the job market being what it is, most are just looking for any employer that will hire them.

It will take time and patience to weed out the wrong resumes. Look at each resume carefully. Compare the talents and experience to the job description of the position you are hiring for.

After you go through the stack of candidates that have applied you might come up empty handed. To find the right person for your company, you need to be committed to the right hire. Depending on your industry’s talent pool you may need to broaden your options.

Sometimes, you can think that you have to choose an employee from the group of people that have applied. There will always be one candidate that looks better than the rest. That does not mean that they are the right person for your job.

To find  the right person for your companies position and find them now, you may have to look in places you haven’t.  You also may need to use a professional recruiter who specializes in your industry.  The open position will effect bottom line and other parts of the companies systems and processes.

Understand The Candidate’s Talents and Abilities

Once you feel confident in bringing a person in for an interview, you should be ready to ask the right questions. The main goal of the meeting is to understand the individual’s talents, abilities, and personality. You want to be sure that they will fit into the position you are hiring for.

Face to face, you should still keep your objectivity. It is a fine balance getting to know a person’s personality without becoming too attached.

Do not be afraid to bring your top choices back for a second interview. Consider allowing them to have working interviews to see if they will work out.

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