Set Goals and Write Them Down

Sep 17, 2015 |
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We all have goals. But those who write their goals down tend to achieve their goals more often.

Why? Two reasons:

1)       First, writing them down crystallizes your goals. It keeps you on track, because you know exactly where you’re going. You’re less likely to wander off and get distracted by the next bright and shiny idea that catches your eye.

2)       Secondly, putting your goals down on paper makes you more committed. You almost feel guilty if you don’t follow through – after all, you’ve basically made a promise to yourself!

Here’s a tip: Write down both your big goals and your small goals.

You see, if you just write down your big goals, it will seem like it takes forever to reach them. Months and even years will go by before you reach the biggest goals – and anyone’s enthusiasm would fade if you work for years and don’t achieve your goals.

For example, let’s suppose your goal is to make one million dollars per year. If you’re like a lot of business people, it will likely take many years to reach that point. But in the interim, there are plenty of other small goals worth of celebrating – your first dollar, your first one thousand dollar month, your first ten thousand dollar month… and so on.

So focus on your small goals, too. That way you’ll feel accomplished as you reach those smaller milestones. That feeling of accomplishment will keep you going for a long time as you make your steady march towards your biggest goals.

Does that mean you should forget about your big goals? Absolutely not! You want to write those down, too. You’ll want to put them on your dream board. You’ll want to think about them every day.

But the difference is that the “big prize” isn’t the only goal you’re working towards. You’ll be working towards plenty of smaller goals – and it’s these smaller goals that will create bridges to your larger goal.

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