We offer the following service options based on the client’s sense of urgency, time, and attention needed to fill the position:

  • Engaged – An engaged fee agreement represents a commitment from a client company and from Bishop Placement Services. The engagement fee gets the search started, becomes a priority in our office and guarantees dedicated time and effort in finding the right candidate. This search is for a specific position at a particular location. The engagement fee will be credited to the invoice when our candidate is hired.
  • Contingency / Referred – A contingency search is generally used for positions when the sense of urgency is not critical. This may be used for concentrated recruiting for positions that are similar in an area and may have needs with more frequency.
  • Custom – Services – We can provide a variety of services to fit your needs such as resume screening, reference checking, background checks and employee retention consulting.

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Benefit of being represented by Bishop Placement Services, LLC

  • Our Mission – Our customers are central to our mission.

We are committed to connecting great companies with great employees by utilizing the Owners combined 40 + years of Restaurant Operations Experience and 40 + years of Recruiting Experience.



We take our direction from you all based on your job order information.

  • The difference is, we have walked in your shoes professionally whether you are the operations leader or the Director of Human Resource. We understand your industry and your targeted candidates.