Bishop Placement Services, LLC would welcome the opportunity to explore how we can be of service to you. We do specialize in the Restaurant Industry at the following levels; Executive, Corporate Support, and Operations Management within the following industries:

  • Restaurant Management
  • Retail Big Box and Specialty
  • Sales and Marketing (all segments)
  • Human Resources (all industries)



Benefits of being represented by Bishop Placement Services, LLC

  • Your relationship with us is confidential.
  • We will become your trusted advisor and help you can take control of your career.
  • Our service is free to you.
  • We will inform you honestly why you would want to work with a company or not. (Remember, no one knows more about why management leaves certain companies than a good recruiter who has worked in this industry for a long time.).
  • It is true we do not represent all companies.
  • Our clients are progressive companies who are looking for the best managers.
  • Companies want to hire top notch candidates who are currently successful and just looking for an opportunity that will enhance their career path. We can professionally represent your qualifications, achievements, personal qualities, and experience to those companies.
  • Whether you’re looking for executive level or operations level we can help.



Who is the ideal candidate to work with a top recruiter?

  • Someone with a track record of success, stability, and accomplishment at any and all levels of his or her management career.
  • Someone who takes action, so all us today!