Manage Effectively And Lead Decisively

Jan 26, 2017 |
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Manage Effectively And Lead Decisively

Being a manager is a major responsibility. The success of your business is largely due to the way you lead your staff. Employees that are not guided well can not be as efficient as needed. As a leader in the company, here are some things you are charged with.

Be a Confident Decision Maker

Making decisions with confidence can be a huge hurdle for some managers. This does not mean that you should charge ahead and make decisions without properly thinking it through. For big decisions, be sure you seek out the council of mentors or other successful business owners in your field.

When it is time to make a decision, you should be confident in what you choose. When you are not confident, it will show to your staff. This can cause them to have less faith in you and a hard time following your lead.

Create and Execute a Definitive Business Plan

It is up to you to create a plan for the way business is conducted. This takes a person that is able to see the full operations of a company. You need to look at the entire process and create a plan based off of that.

Once the plan is in place, it is your responsibility to get the staff on board. Share your passions for the plan with your employees. Be confident about the direction and show strong leadership. Even if employees do not agree with your plan, they will be more willing to follow if you are confident. 

Hold Employees Accountable to Their Job Descriptions

Handling employees is a very difficult task in managing. When a member of the team is not performing the way they should, you cannot ignore it. You must evaluate the individual’s performance against their job description.

Meeting with each employee for a regular evaluation is a must. This gives both of you the chance to express concerns about performance.

Fire and Replace Staff if Needed

If someone on your team is continually performing at a low rate, then it is your job to free that employee up for better suited employment. It is not an easy thing to let someone go from your team.

It is important to make a good hiring decision. When positions are vacant, there is a cost to the company. It can cost you not only the moral of the staff who has added responsibility, but money in overtime and turnover due to the burden put on others to do the job.

Finding the best qualified individual  should  be your top priority.

Use a recruiter who specializes in your industry and then interview great choices to fill the positions timely.

To manage effectively and lead decisively, it starts in your mind. Make sure you have a good handle on your role in the business. When you do, you will be a strong leader.

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