Performance Management Will Continue To Be Redesigned

Nov 24, 2017 |
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In many companies, there is a growing problem with performance management. This year, business owners need to turn a focus on identifying the problem. Once they identify what the problems are, they can address the issues and turn their businesses into successful establishments.

Why is Performance Management a Problem in Businesses?

We can go ahead and say it; we’ve gotten a little lax when it comes to managing our employees. For whatever reason, we are not doing performance evaluations like we should. Here are some of the top reasons business owners have stopped doing evaluations.

* Jealousy- One of the reasons we have put the ax to evaluations, is we have seen the jealousy that runs through the office when employees are praised. When you give one person a good performance evaluation and raise, other employees question why they were not given the same treatment.

* Inconsistency- Evaluations do not happen when they should. If you do not have consistency, then employees will not respond well to the evaluations they are given.

* Classification- Happens under the Radar- even if you do not have regular evaluations, you are still putting employees in classifications. Whether you realize it or not, other employees see what category you’ve placed them in. Non-evaluations can actually lead to greater staff tensions.

These are some of the reasons we are not performing the important evaluations that need to take place.

What Aspects of Performance Management Will Need to be Redesigned?

Instead of shying away from managing our employees, we need to stop ignoring the problem. Performance evaluations need to be conducted on a regular basis. We can’t keep doing it the way we have been.

Evaluations serve a purpose of showing the rest of your staff what you expect out of them. These valuable meetings need to take place. When you have rising stars in your business, they should be acknowledged. When you have underperformers you must take action to get them back on track.

When you do evaluations properly and promote top rated employees the right way, it will serve as an inspiration to other employees. Instead of spreading jealousy, you will encourage the other members of the team to strive to reach higher goals.

This is the year for performance management to be defined clearly and executed properly.

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