Understanding Social Media Marketing For Your Business

Jul 21, 2016 |
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Understanding Social Media Marketing For Your Business

Social Media marketing is a very valuable resource for growing a business. There are some things you need to understand in relation to this form of marketing, before you jump on every outlet. When deciding which communities to be a part of, here are some things to keep in mind:

What is the Purpose of Each Social Media Network?

Each outlet provides you with a different opportunity to brand your business, engage with followers, and give valuable information about your niche’. This is a quick breakdown of the largest networks you can get involved in.


Many people have a Facebook account that they check at least a few times a week. This outlet is a broad reaching venue where you can engage with your customer base. It is perfect for running promotional events, sharing blog posts, and educating followers about your brand.


Pinterest has done an amazing job capturing a growing number of users. At one time, it seemed like the site was made up solely of females, but in recent months, more men are joining the network. This is a great way to pin pictures of products, blog posts, and services.


This is one of the more tricky social media outlets to navigate. Most of the users are from a younger generation. All posts must be made through your phone, as well as the interaction. It will help to brand your business, but you might not see much of an increase in your website traffic.


Here is a discussion based platform that allows you to post questions, link to articles, and upload pictures. Again, this is another community that will help to build branding. Twitter has an age range of users, so many businesses can benefit from posting short blurbs about their company.


This is Google’s baby. They have put a lot of time and energy into marketing this social media platform. Many businesses use Google+ as an SEO strategy. It is thought that your website will receive more Google love if you post to this platform on a regular basis.


Again, blogger is a Google product that receives a lot of search engine attention. This platform allows you to create a blog for free. Writing unique blog posts and linking to your business page is a good way to increase exposure.

With the exception of Instagram and Twitter, the content you post is searchable.

These social media platforms give businesses many great benefits. You have the ability to put as much money into the advertising on some of these platforms as you like. Otherwise, you can choose to use them as free marketing strategies.

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